Beautiful Young 20Somethings Break up!

Posted by Rebecca on October 28th, 2010

As they so often do. Well, my hear totally bleeds for these young, rich, beautiful celebrities. Doesn’t yours? Yarf. Anyhow, the actual news is that Penn Badgely and Blake Lively (got I hate their stupid names so much) have split. In fact, they split in mid-September, but didn’t tell nobody.

32863, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday July 27 2009. Blake Lively and Penn Badgely share a laugh on the set of Gossip Girl. The pair were both carying bags with Penn's manbag dwarfing Blake's turquoise little number. Photograph:


I mean, these actors are 23.  They were bound to break up.  US News tells the public at large that they’re being all mature and crap about it.  Which means grade A, primo BORINGTOWN.

“They’re professionals,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “They’re still good friends and hang out on the set.”

Great.  No broken dishes? No midnight jerk texts? Is this even newsworthy?

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