Bachelor Picks Emily Maynard

Posted by Rebecca on March 15th, 2011

now she can finally change her name from something that sounds like a European mayonnaise derivative to the most country bumpkinest name ever.  Oh yeah, here’s a picture of our famed winner, presumably at a dentists office.

And I do mean WINNER. VICTOR.  She won.  As far as romance…well, not so much.

Emily Maynard, who is a 24 year old widower and mother of a kid, said yes to Brad Womack, 38.  In the after the Rose Ceremony,  we learn that- surprise surprise- there are troubles in white, middle class, Ken-and-Barbie paradise. They aren’t completely un-engaged anymore (spoiler alert), but they aren’t ready for marriage yet.  So…they’re just…a normal couple?


Mind blown.

It’s hard seeing Brad Womack, a moron, with someone slightly less moronic but still a total moron.  I want them to find happiness together,  but I also secretly love watching the Bachelor, through and through, and watching the hopes and dreams of these twentysomething women, as well as their ideas of love- completely fall apart.  Wohoo!

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