Ashlee Simpson: Untrustable.

Posted by Rebecca on February 18th, 2011

And we didn’t see this coming?  I mean, she lied about a nosejob.  You know, on her FACE.

Simpson, apparently, liked to hang out at all hours of the night, with a crew of pro skateboarders?  in San Clemente, California?  Are you kidding me? She’s a MOM, she’s not a 12 year old hot topic employee.

“Ashlee has been out late partying for the past few months,” says one US News insider. “She would lose track of time.”

Oh, okay.  I get loosing track of time, especially when you have a kid at home.  Totally justifiable.  And her husband, douchenozzle Pete Wentz, got all strung out on it, as any dude would.

That same insider says that Pete “would constantly check in on Ashlee, and he’d have his friends call the house and her cell to make sure she said she was where she said she was going to be…He felt like he couldn’t trust her.”

Wow, a gentleman and a scholar.  Well, guess the good ones never last.  HAH!

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