As the Kardashian-Jenners prepare for Christmas, Kylie Jenner has been chastised for her ‘obnoxious’ tree

The make-up mogul, 25, showed off her massive Christmas tree, giving fans a glimpse of the Kardashian-Jenner family’s preparations for the big day.

Kylie Jenner has been chastised for her ‘obnoxious’ Christmas tree as the Kardashian-Jenners prepare for the holiday season

Kylie Jenner has been chastised for her 'obnoxious' Christmas tree as the Kardashian-Jenners prepare for the holiday season
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Kylie Jenner has committed to going all out for the holiday season this year.

As the Kardashian-Jenner family gets ready for the holiday season, Kylie Jenner documented the preparation her massive Christmas tree.

“Tis the season,” she wrote on Instagram earlier today, alongside a Reel video of a team of men assembling the massive decoration in her opulent mansion.

The short video, which is set to Michael Bublé’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” depicts the moment crews bring the tree inside.

Sheets had to be laid down as it was dragged into her massive hallway before being positioned near her spiraling staircase.

As Kylie filmed crews sweeping the floor around the tree, lights, baubles, and what appeared to be small chocolates were placed all over the grand structure.

She backed away as the finished product was filmed, clearly impressed with her team’s efforts, becoming the first member of the famous family to show off their extravagant seasonal décor.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” sister Kourtney Kardashian said as dozens of people commented on Kylie’s post.

“It’s giving Rockefeller Center,” one fan said. A second follower joked, “That tree is obnoxious Yesses.”

“Think of all the spiders,” said another. ” “You hire people to decorate your tree? What kind of tradition is that?” “one fan of Kylie’s massive tree crew said.

“The most beautiful Christmas tree, looking forward to seeing a family photo there,” said another, clearly a fan of the structure.

It comes after Kylie finally confirmed her baby boy’s real name, but the announcement confused some fans.

The Kardashians star and her boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed their baby boy in February and have worked hard to keep him out of the spotlight thus far.

The baby was named Wolf shortly after birth, but the couple revealed in March that they had decided to change the name.

Kylie Jenner revealed her son’s name during the final episode of her family’s reality show, ending months of speculation.

“This year has been very transformative for me,” she said during a confessional. ” There are so many wonderful things to look forward to.”

“To hang out with my babies and really dive into my work.”

“My baby’s name is still Wolf. I’ll let you guys know when I change it. Maybe I’ll tell you guys in season three,” sshe said, winking at the camera.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to express their feelings, with one perplexed fan writing, “Now what the f**k was that?”

Another was displeased with the revelation and stated: “Ughhhh still no baby names this season… im getting bored.”

“@KylieJenner me thinking we were finally gonna find out your sons name you were rally like… Sike I can’t wait and I’m so happy for you,” a third fan penned.

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