Angelina Jolie Was “Upset” Following Aunt’s Cancer Death

Posted by PZ on June 4th, 2013


Angelina Jolie recently underwent a preventative double mastectomy and soon after she revealed the news, her aunt Debbie sadly died from breast cancer. Now, Angelina’s cousin Francis, who also lost his father to cancer, has spoken on Angelina’s difficult experience, stating that the actress has been left upset by her aunt’s passing.   He says that she is a close member of the family and they regularly keep in touch:

 ”It’s horrible timing as she’s just had the surgery. It’s been hard for her but she has a wonderful family too and they are with her. We are a very close family. We are in constant contact with Angie. She’s been upset by this, as we all have. She loved her and they were close.”

He continues by saying that Debbie did have her ovaries removed but didn’t have a double mastectomy before she died. Francis says that the whole family supports Angelina’s decision because of how much cancer has affected their lives to date and they are happy she has taken action while she has had time to do so:

”She did have her ovaries removed, however, she didn’t have the opportunity Angie had to have the breast operation first. My father passed away in 2009 and Marcheline [in 2007], so it’s close to Angie and our family. We are aware of taking action towards preventing it. It has devastated our family, so we support what Angie has done, of course.”


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