Andy Dick Kicked Out of Adult Video Awards

Posted by PZ on January 11th, 2011

Comedian Andy Dick was ejected from an adult video awards show which was taking place in Las Vegas. Andy was allowed backstage, but was later removed from the area during the AVN Awards at the Palms Casino Resort. According to an onlooker, Andy was seen toting a beer which he continued to spill, and also wouldn’t leave adult actress Tera Patrick and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue alone. The source said about Andy:

“You couldn’t understand what he was saying, but you could hear Chi Chi saying, ‘Leave me alone!’ Tera grabbed Chi Chi and went into another dressing room, but boom, there he was again. This happened three or four more times. He had a cup of beer, which kept spilling. Finally, this huge security guy came over, snatched the beer out of his hand, and said, ‘That’s it, we’re going!'”

A representative for the show confirmed that Andy was being slightly abusive to the people backstage:

“I questioned one of the guards, and he said Andy was being disorderly and pushing people.”

This isn’t the first time Andy’s bizarre behavior has landed him in trouble, he has previously been accused of flashing his penis inside a coffee house and was also charged for grabbing a security guard’s crotch in the past – as well as a few other equally as odd tales, most involving nudity or violating someone’s personal space – ah Andy, your hilarious.

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