And the Oscar MAY Go To…..Matilda Ledger.

Posted by Chrissie on February 20th, 2009


This is not an uncommon scene in New York if you belong to the Ledger/Williams family. Michelle Williams is an extraordinary example of motherhood and can be spotted on any given day hanging out with her daughter on the streets of New York. Now that Matilda Ledger has lost her father, Heath Ledger, Michelle needs to work a little bit harder to see that Matilda’s needs are met and that she grows up knowing just how loved she is. And given that Matilda is the late Heath Ledger’s beloved daughter, a bit of a conundrum has come up with Oscar fever being at a high this week.

Heath Ledger is of course posthumously nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award at this weeks Academy Awards, and there is all kinds of kerfuffle going on in the event that he wins. If he does, this will not be the first time an Oscar statue has gone to someone posthumously, but it does beg the question, who gets the Oscar if he wins? The Academy has very strict rules on this, and at the moment it looks like it will go to his daughter Matilda Ledger…if he wins. But there are some legalities involved, as the Academy does not want it to go to ‘just anybody’ so it won’t officially be hers until she turns 18 on October 23, 2023. When that happens, she will have to sign a contract, if she wants the Oscar, saying that she will not sell the Oscar without first offering it BACK to the Academy for $1. Yep, a buck.

In the meantime, the statue will go in trust in her name, with as it stands right now, her mom, Michelle Williams being the trustee of the statue. Though Oscar’s have been given posthumously, this has been the trickiest scenario of posthumous Oscars in the eight decades that the Academy has given the awards.

It’s complicated, because there are two different questions that have to be answered,” says Bruce Davis, executive director of the academy. “First, we have to decide who gets the job of accepting the award onstage on the night of the ceremony. And then there’s the question of the eventual disposition of the posthumous statuette, which may not stay with the person who accepts it.”

But the tradition of posthumous Oscars generally leaves the statue to the spouse, and this Matilda situation is a first for Academy history. Because she is only 3, she is unable to sign the Academy contract saying she won’t sell, and thus the conundrum of finding a trustee and on and on. And, even more interesting, when Matilda turns 18 she is not even obligated to keep the Oscar if she doesn’t want it, and so in this case, the trustee, has to give it back to the Academy. So it is entirely possible that an Academy Award will actually sit in limbo for 15 years without an actual owner. That is, IF Heath Ledger wins, but, if you are seeking opinions and possible predictions, this is the event that we will see happen this coming Sunday. As far as I am concerned, his Oscar win was sealed when he died. Just my thoughts though.


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