American Idol Top 4 Song Spoilers

Posted by Kimberly on May 8th, 2007


You can thank USA Today for providing the song spoilers this week! Keep reading to find out what the final four will be belting out on tomorrow nights episode of American Idol.

The theme is Bee Gees and songs they’ve written for other artists.


-You Should Be Dancing
-This Is Where I Came In (listen)

He considered Grease and How Deep Is Your Love. Grease didn’t work for Clay Aiken; good choice. Love the first song, never heard the second.

ETA: I like the second song, could be good.


-Woman In Love (listen)
-To Love Somebody (Clay AI2)

The article is kind of confusing about which song she’s actually going to do. So, apparently she couldn’t clear the second song originally because Barry Gibb was supposed sing it on Wednesday, but I guess TPTB pulled some strings for her. Hmm, wonder if they’d do that for anyone else?

Oh, and she’ll be wearing Dina Bar El!


-Loves You Inside & Out (Latoya AI3)
-How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

It looks like Melinda will be the one doing some remixing this week with a soulful rendition of the second song. Funny…she almost didn’t choose the first song until the producer explained to her that the lyrics weren’t sexual. Now, I like that song but I can’t imagine anyone doing well with it.

-Run To Me (listen)
-Stayin’ Alive <- um…..

Well, we wanted Lakisha to take a risk!


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