American Idol Top 4 Elimination

Posted by Tiff on May 10th, 2007

It’s getting down to the wire on ‘American Idol,’ with only four contestants remaining. Once the show ended tonight, only three were left with the chance to be the next winner. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees served as the coach this week. And actually of all the shows so far, this was probably one of the more disappointing in terms of performance.

AI6 Top4Elim 1Pink.jpg
Tiff: One of the first things we saw tonight after a million recaps was a performance by Pink. Nothing against her, but I really wish the show wasn’t having all the random performers this season. It just stretches the show out to an hour with lots of filler, and they don’t seem to understand I have things to do. Alas, while I hated Pink’s outfit, I kind of liked the song.

Kim: Yeah, note to the producers, next year please focus more on the contestants. That’s why we’re here, right?

AI6 Top4Elim 2Commer.jpg
Tiff: And we saw a Ford commercial with the remaining four to “You Really Got Me.” It was Beatle-esque.

Kim: Cute!

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Tiff: And then the remaining four sang a medley of Barry Gibb songs….Twenty-three minutes into the show and I knew they wouldn’t do results until the last oh, ten to fifteen minutes. Though, Melinda, LaKisha, Jordin, and Blake did sound good singing together.

Kim: I wasn’t crazy about this medley, especially the choreagraphy. There were better Bee Gees songs they could’ve picked.

Top4Elim 4Lastfour.jpg
Tiff: Finally, Ryan got to the results. The four remaining stood in the middle of the stage. And then they went to break. When the show came back, the four were huddled together in a massive hug, it was cute, then they stood with their arms around one another’s shoulders as Ryan recapped the feedback each of them received last night. First, Ryan revealed that Jordin was safe. I can’t say I’m surprised at all, she deserved to be safe..

Kim: Jordin is announced safe first, again. I guess no ones surprised though!

Tiff: Then, Ryan revealed that the show is looking for a band. Yes, a band. Any sound, style, and age. Sounds like another show is in the works…a show I’d definitely watch.

Kim: Yeah, if this is going to be kind of like Rockstar (which UNFORTUNATELY probably isn’t coming back this summer, boo!) I’m definitely psyched! I bet DAUGHTRY’S success has something to do with this.

AI6 Top4Elim 5BarryGibb.jog

Tiff: And of course the results got interrupted again with a performance by this week’s coach, Barry Gibb.Kim: Snooooore….did anyone not flip the channel? They also did a short segment about the idols and their family life. Blake, Melinda and Lakisha are all only children, which is interesting! I loved seeing all the baby pictures of them. You know, when Lakisha actually shows her personality she’s a pretty funny girl. I bet she’s actually a blast to hang out with.Tiff: And then it was between LaKisha, Melinda, and Blake. One would go home. Ryan revealed that Melinda was also safe, which left Blake and LaKisha. Again, I can’t say I was surprised.

Kim: BUT Ryan never said they were the bottom 2!

Top4Elim 6Bottom2.jpg
AI6 Top4Elim 7LaKishaOut.jpg
Tiff: So it was LaKisha and Blake. Simon said he thought LaKisha would be going home. After making them wait as long as he possibly could, Ryan revealed that LaKisha was in fact the one leaving tonight, meaning Blake was safe and would continue. He hugged her, and then joined his friends, and remaining contestants. I would say this result makes sense too. I pegged her making it through the top five, and she lasted one more week than I thought she would. She’s a really good singer, and she’ll probably have some opportunities because of being on the show.Kim: Alright, I couldn’t help myself and I looked at the spoilers early on! I know how much I can handle and I STILL got just a little bit nervous when Ryan said “Blake…’re safe”. Yes, I’m lame, I know. But I’m so glad they saved the beatboxer! We would all be DYING of excruciating boredom next week had they not.

Well, we got through week 4 with out a shocker, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that this season has been the first shock elimination free season. Sure, that makes things a little less interesting, but I think this season is the first season that went pretty much exactly as it should have. We actually have the three best contestants from the very beginning without a weak link. Next week is going to be INTENSE!

Top three, that means judges choice, Clive’s choice and a personal choice. And I think ANY combination of the top 3 has a shot at the finals. We’ll be back this weekend with the songs we’d really, really like to hear them sing.

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