American Idol Top 4 – Bee Gees Night

Posted by Kimberly on May 9th, 2007

It’s Tuesday night, and time for another episode of American Idol! Unfortunately, I’ll be flying solo tonight because poor Tiffany is passed out. That’s what hardcore partying will do to ya, kids!


Melinda kicked things off on Bee Gees night with Loves You Inside and Out. Ive always found this song creepy for some unexplainable reason, but I like it. I thought she did a decent job despite what the judges thought; it’s a hard song to sing to begin with because of the falsetto. Melinda’s performances are always really good but the problem is that she’s always on the same level. Good for consistency, yes, but not for holding our interest.


Next up was Blake. Last week he blew everyone away (in one way or another) with his remix of You Give Love A Bad Name. And how does he follow up his “moment”? Uh, with a total trainwreck. There’s really no excuse for him doing so poorly with a song like You Should Be Dancing, which was pretty much perfect for him. But he tried to do WAAAAY too much…..too much beat boxing, and too many of those annoying stutters or whatever they are. Add in some scatting and horrible falsetto (I HATE falsetto!) it was easily his worst performance EVER.

Oh, and, yeah we knew those blonde streaks were coming in his bangs this week. He’ll have like 4 inch bang extensions next week, just you watch.


Maybe Lakisha was lucky to follow Blake, because it made her odd choice of Stayin’ Alive look a little bit less….odd. I was actually surprised that she pulled this song off to the degree that she did. Not much else to say about her performance. It wasn’t bad, not great either obviously. Or maybe by now my brain has been numbed to the point where I can’t even tell the difference.


Before her performance, Barry Gibb told Jordin that he’s never heard a better version of To Love Somebody than Jordins. Well, that makes for an unfortunate group of songs. Not to say that Jordin was bad, she wasn’t in the east bit….a tad bit bland might be a better description. On any other night we would all just yawn and move on from a performance like this. And why did she have those jeans on under that dress? Ew, not necessary.

Jordin does win the first round, though.


Time for round 2! This time Melinda slows things down with How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. The original is pretty cheesy sounding to me and she made the right choice of rearranging it. This was definitely the a improvement on her first performance, but aside from the glory notes at the end I’m with Paula, thinking she’s still not blowing us all away. Yeah, that’s what Paula was trying to say.


Blake hits the stage again with a whole lot of ground to make up. He chose a lesser known song called This Is Where I Came In. I listened to the original before the show and I liked it; Blake’s rendition was pretty different, of course. He gave a solid performance. It was really cool sounding and had a nice vibe, but nothing special. I have a feeling this will make a better mp3, but that’s not what gets you through to the next round.


Well, Lakisha tried with Run To Me. She really DID try. Poor girl looked like she was fighting for her life up there, and in some ways I guess she was. I thought it was really boring, sappy and borderline lethargic. I never have high hopes for her but I know she can do better than that. Too bad about her voice at the end.


Closing the show was, of course, Jordin. My goodness, Barry Gibb sure has a thing for her. Did they pay him to hype her up so much? Okay, I won’t go there. I really expected Jordin to do well with Woman In Love; great song choice. But pitch and control problems really threw things off. I also don’t think it was a smart idea to stand there with the mic in a gown, not a perfect fit for the song.

Round 1
1. Jordin
2. Melinda
3. Lakisha
4. Blake

Round 2
1. Melinda
2. Blake
3. Jordin
4. Lakisha (tie?)

Second round was a tough one to rank. Melinda was definitely head and shoulders above the rest. Jordin and Lakisha were about the same. But all in all, I have to give the night to Jordin. By default.

Overall this was probably the second to worst theme in the history of American Idol (Gloria Estefan was of course the worst). I think they did a Bee Gees night once before but I don’t recall it being THIS bad. The problem is that so many of those songs are in falsetto and they all pretty much sound the same. Even though I was GREATLY dissapointed with his first performance, I’m still holding on to hope that Blake manages to slip through the next week.

So, it’s top four week. Tamyra Grey went home during this week, as did LaToya London. And who can forget DAUGHTRY’S elimination last year. Will we get a shocker tomorrow night, or does the whole top 4 thing only happen on odd years? Will someone MAKE PAULA CRY??

We’ll see.

I’d be shocked to see anyone other than Blake and Lakisha in the bottom 2.

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