American Idol Top 3 Song Spoilers!

Posted by Kimberly on May 12th, 2007

As usual, the Judge’s song choices are being presented to the final 3 contestants at each of their homecoming. So far we know Simon is choosing for Jordin… “keep reading” to find out what he chose for her, and keep checking back for the rest of the spoilers.

ETA: Uh oh, Paula’s choosing for Blake!

ETA2: Melinda gets Randy and Randy never loses!


ETA2: Word on the street says that Blake has chosen a Maroon 5 song (She Will Be Loved?) and Clive chose something by a male singer for him….probably Robin Thicke.

Simon’s Choice – Wishing on A Star by Rose Royce (original | beyonce’s version)

I’ve always liked this song a lot, especially Beyonce’s version. And even though I think Jordin will do well with it, I expected something a bit more climatic from him, especially after he chose Over The Rainbow for Katharine last year.

Paula’s Choice – Roxanne by the Police

Most of us expected Paula to be choosing for Blake. I actually think she get’s his style slightly more than the other two, but unfortunately her choices never win and usually don’t make the top 2 (Randy’s choices always do). I think this is a great choice for Blake, but it will also be a challenge. I can’t wait to see what he does with it!

Randy’s Choice – I Believe in You & Me by Whitney Houston

Interesting that one of the judges chooses Whitney when they constantly slam contestants for choosing songs from singers like her and other diva’s. Of course, Melinda can pull it off, but remember Paula’s criticism last week? About Melinda needing to give us something “more”? I don’t think she can do it with this, it’s too…..predictable.

ETA: From what I’m hearing now, the contestants won’t be doing repeat songs this week and Clive is indeed involved (is that a bad omen that Melinda and Jordin have their songs for next week but Blake doesn’t?).

I still don’t know the rest of the songs they’ll be singing on Tuesday but a couple of sources close to Blake have said he’s got three awesome songs lined up (in his and their opinion) and even Clive’s choice is good. Things are looking hopeful!

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