American Idol – He Went Down In A Blaze of Glory

Posted by Kimberly on May 3rd, 2007

Another week, another elimination. First I have to say Bon Jovi week has been the best of this season. Rock music seems to inspire the contestants to take risks and be more creative than usually, which was saw this year AND last year during Queen week. I can only hope this inspires them to come up with more current and entertaining themes next year….how about Female 80s rock week? Or just 80s week would be fine with me!

Most of the results show was a big recap of last week (did we really need to see it AGAIN?) with one of Ryan’s Jay Walking rip off at Farmers Market (snooore). Um, was this necessary when we could’ve been watching a totally awesome group medley to It’s My Life? But it was kind of cool that they actually brought back the three winners they’ve been trying so hard to sweep under the rug. Yep, nice to see Taylor again….now watch them leave him out of the finale.

And I finally got to check out this Robin Thicke guy everyone is talking about. Um, not impressed. I see this grown man standing up there trying to sing a sexy song in a voice that sounds like a prepubescent boy…what’s wrong with this picture?

Randy sure likes rhinestones.

Awesome Ford video! It kinda had a Moulin Rouge feel to it.

Bon Jovi’s performance was pretty good and a lot less cheesy than most. I’d put it right up there with JLo’s performance.

Okay, on to the important part….the eliminations.

First it came down to Lakisha and Phil and I was really expecting Lakisha to get the boot….not. Phil is out but he went out in a blaze of glory! Seriously, I love it when the songs contestants are singing kind of relate to the situation (like when Gina sang Smile). I never expected Phil to get this far though, so he should be extremely proud.

One elimination down, one to go. The second came down to Blake and Chris, otherwise known as “Cake”. I honestly think it’s so cute and sweet that they call each other best friends, even though I have no idea how people can become friends so fast, but that’s another subject. Chris even said he’d go home for Blake (AAW!) but I think that’s because he already knew he was on his way out. And he was. I was never a huge fan of Chris, or Phil, but I thought it as really sad seeing both of them go. They both brought variety to the show, and Chris was very current, two things I need to keep interested.

Chris’ elimination didn’t surprise me at all. And even from the beginning I expected him to take 5th or 4th place, and that’s about the ONLY thing that has been predictable this season!

But like I said, I’m gonna miss them both. It’s really not going to be the same show from here on out.

Okay, enough talkin’ nice; it’s time to talk some smack. We’re left with four people….the “three divas” and Blake. Isn’t that funny that there’s only one guy left standing this season and it was the opposite last seasons? Not for me because I never like the girls. I can deal with Jordin, but do we really need Melinda AND LaKisha? Do we really need LaKisha at all? I’m shocked that she’s still around <strike>to bore us for at least one more week</strike>.

Next week is gonna be a tough one. They’re ALL fighting for survival; I don’t care how many fans each of them has, anyone can go next week (and we saw this happen last year….and S1….and S3 actually). And Blake and Lakisha need to be especially good because at this point they’re fighting for the same spot. Although anything can happen, I expect Blake to take it and then we’re in for a real battle royale! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Next week it’s all about the sounds of the Bee Gees. Too bad Chris is out, his voice would’ve totally fit the theme. I really hope they aren’t singing TWO Bee Gees songs though, meh. Check back this weekend for our song suggestions and a look into the AI Songwriting Contest!

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