America Ferrera Does Glamour

Posted by Kim on September 4th, 2007


Lots of photoshoots today! America Ferrera is looking pretty on the new cover of Glamour. Here’s a little bit of what she has to say inside the magazine (which is mainly body image, unsurprisingly):

GLAMOUR: Now, you’ve said in interviews that you hadn’t planned to do TV so early in your career. How did Salma Hayek convince you to do Ugly Betty?

AF: When Salma described her vision to me, I got very excited: It felt new, it felt fresh, it felt like something that hadn’t been done before. At the time very few TV shows were centered around a female, much less a Latina female, much less a female whose beauty wasn’t the most important thing about her—but this show was about who she was on the inside. I thought, Wow, this is either going to flop or it’s going to be great.

GLAMOUR: Have you ever felt limited by your status as a Latina?
AF: Latino actors and actresses have had to struggle for decades, but when I came around with Real Women Have Curves, attitudes were starting to change. We screened the film all over the world—in Jewish communities, black communities, Greek communities, German communities— and people across the board said, “That’s my family.”

GLAMOUR: So do you think Hollywood is moving away from the tall, skinny blond as the actress ideal?

AF: It’s happening all over television: You turn on Desperate Housewives and there’s Eva Longoria; you turn on Scrubs and there’s Judy Reyes. I’ve gotten scripts for romantic comedies sent to me that were originally conceived for a blond-haired, blue-eyed actress. At the end of the day, studios are learning there is a market out there that doesn’t necessarily want to go with predictable choices.

GLAMOUR: How do you feel about being the newest spokeswoman for curvy figures in Hollywood?

AF: I don’t hate it. I feel like I’m a regular- size person—I’m a size 6 or 8, which is totally normal. Sometimes I worry more about losing weight than gaining weight, because this is how people know and accept me. I do feel like if I wanted to get in better shape, there might be a backlash of, Why isn’t she comfortable with herself anymore? So I try to figure out what my own goals are.

I wonder if she gets tired of being asked about her shape?

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