Amber Portwood Makes WHAT?

Posted by Rebecca on December 30th, 2010

I can’t even type right now. I think I just had a minor, Portwood-fuelled stroke.

Jesus christ.

Okay, let me backtrack.  You see,  after Amber was booked on two felony accounts of EX-BOYFRIEND BEATING (yeah, it’s a real charge, people. I’m a lawyer and also a beater upper of people, so I should know),  she told the judge she made 280,000 PER YEAR on MTV.

I think my heart just exploded and shards of heart went into my lungs.  I may slowly die.

The local rag in Indiana, The Herald Bulletin, reports that Portwood told the judge that her occupation was a “television personality,” and that her lawyer Katherine Sweeny objected to answering her salary question. But alas, she did.  And alas, I die thousands of small, unsexy deaths.

As for Gary? Amber is banned from contacting that fat mother indefinitely.  Cripes.

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