Alice in Wonderland: The Costumes

Posted by Alyssa on March 5th, 2010

I went to the midnight showing of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland last night, and the late showing was definitely worth the extra coffee needed to wake me up this morning.

Overall, the costumes were solid. Johnny Depp had the most detailed look as the “Mad Hatter,” sporting colored contacts, a face full of makeup and of course a large, quirky top hat. The best thing about Depp’s costume was the frizzy, bright, orange hair that stuck up from his head and eyebrows. It added obvious oddity to the already eccentric character.

Bonham Carter was a close second as the “Red Queen,” or “Queen Big Head” as I will always remember her. Due to the enormous globe sitting atop her shoulders, Carter surrounds herself with people who have other physical rarities such as big noses, chests, guts and ears. This in mind, the costuming goes beyond the clothing, and the computer generation plays a giant role in Carter’s appearance. (No pun intended).

I must say, I was slightly disappointed by Mia Wasakowska or “Alice’s” ensembles. They didn’t push the bar high enough. She is supposed to look like an average, 19-year old girl who is placed in Wonderland or “Underland,” as it is in the movie, but as she continues to delve deeper into the new world, her outfits should become more reflective of her new environment. I do like that Alice’s trademark blue color extends through the whole movie, and only when she is clad in armor does it differ. I am also a fan of her unstructured dresses and loose, wavy hair, but I think the frocks could have been slightly mor imaginative. I love the coat Alice wears in the last scene though. It’s time-period appropriate, and the soft, blue is gorgeous.

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