Alice and Wonderland

Everyone Wants Frances Bean Cobain To Be Famous

Posted by Moxie on August 10th, 2010

Gosh, it must be so.hard. to be li’l ol’ Frances Bean, the most sought-after young actress that Hollywood has ever seen. What a pure artist’s soul she has, to reject the shallow trappings of silver-screen glory in favor of struggling for her art, without any sort of boost from the notoriety of her music-legend father […]

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Mia Wasikowska Will Shine Your Shoes For A Nickel, Guv

Posted by Moxie on July 3rd, 2010

Poor Mia Wasikowska. Alice in Wonderland was supposed to be her big American debut, but since it both sucks and blows, she’s been reduced to the life of a guttersnipe, wrapping herself in newspapers like fish-n-chips because her bloomers and tights won’t keep her warm. She can’t even afford an opaque shirt! She’s probably too […]

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Alice and Wonderland Takes Box Office Crown

Posted by PZ on March 14th, 2010

Alice and Wonderland took the #1 spot in the box office, taking in $17.4 million this week, making it’s total $258 million worldwide so far! This is Alice’s second week at the top – and it doesn’t look like it’s having too much trouble staying on top either. Coming in second was Matt Damon’s Green […]

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