Alanis Morisette Marries Someone You Oughta Know

Posted by Moxie on June 8th, 2010

Just kidding, he’s a total nobody. (And I make no apologies for that pun, especially since at least one article made a “rain on your wedding day” joke.) Morissette married the rapper Mario Treadway, known professionally as Souleye, sometime in May, clearly managing to keep it on the DL till now. The two reportedly met back in October of 2009, around the time she was splitting with her environmental-lawyer boyfriend. Morissette, 36, and Treadway, 30, quickly moved in together and now they’re stuck with each other for life (or, you know, till “irreconcilable differences” show up). He is apparently very socially conscious, though, speaking out in favor of environmental protection and universal health-care, so that seems like a pretty good foundation for a relationship with her. Before marrying Souleye, Morissette had relationships with Ryan Reynolds and Uncle Joey from Full House. That’s, uh, quite the spectrum there, Alanis.

As for this guy, under Constitutional law, I’m too white to be allowed to listen to rap, but I’ve never even heard of him, so he can’t be too famous. Plus a cursory Google search only brings up a MySpace page for him, and everyone knows you’re no one until you’re on Wikipedia. According to a press release, Souleye “performs freestyle” with “completely improvisational lyrics” to “allow the present audience to participate and be involved in the creation and collective energy of the music.” So he’s a pretentious douchebag with a stupid name. Maybe that’s why he’s not famous.

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