AI Homecoming

Posted by Kimberly on May 12th, 2007


Blake headed back to Seattle, Washington for his homecoming earlier today. He sang five songs, including Virtual Insanity, Somewhere Only We Know and an original song called She Loves The Way. He also sang Baby Got Back with Sir Mix Alot. Not joking, see the video below (better vid added!). He also told reporters that he thinks Jordin should win (no).

homecoming_blake1.jpg homecoming_blake3.jpg homecoming_blake4.jpg homecoming_blake2.jpg

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Melinda’s homecoming, at Belmont University:



And FINALLY, Jordin’s  homecoming:

 homecoming_jordin.jpghomecoming_jordin2.jpg  homecoming_jordin3.jpg  homecoming_jordin4.jpg

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