AI 6 Top 3 Song Suggestions

Posted by Kimberly on May 14th, 2007

Usually on the final 3 week of American Idol we get a song choice from each of the judges, a really lame choice from Clive Davis and a song chosen by the contestants themselves. We already know what the judges have picked for each contestant, but now I’m hearing rumors that the contestants are repeating their favorite performances this week….something that is usually done during the finals. So, Jordin is supposed to reprise I Who Have Nothing and Melinda chose Since You’ve Been Gone (bad choice, by the way). Im not sure what’s going on; there are rumors that Clive isn’t participating (hopes), either that or there won’t be a contestants choice. Although I don’t care for the latter option it would be cool if they got a fresh choice for the finale!

Anyways, this very well may be the last time we get to make song suggestions for the contestants! Twice this year contestants have sung the songs I suggested and both times they were eliminated. Baaaaad track record, but here goes anyways:

Tiff’s Choices
Blake –
“Hide & Seek” – Imogen Heap
“All I Need” – Mat Kearney
“Boston” – Augustana

Melinda –
“Hallelujah” – Leonard Cohen (Jeff Buckley)
“Fix You” – Coldplay
“How To Save A Life” – The Fray

Jordin –
“Underneath” – Hanson
“Cannonball” – Damien Rice
“Samson” – Regina Spektor

Kim’s Choices
Kissing You – Des’ree
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack
Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy
She would totally KILL on any of these.

Ramalama – Rosin Murphy
All Is Full of Love – Bjork
Mad World – Gary Jules
My bet is Blake will end up singing Hide & Seek, maybe a capella like he mentioned before. That or one of his originals…if he’s allowed (and that would be awesome).

Broken wings – Mr. Mister
Crush – Jennifer Paige
Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benetar

One thing to pay attention to this week is the order. TPTB can be really inconsistent with the order (ex. Phil going first twice and never getting the final spot), because it does have an effect on who stays and who goes. Technically the coveted last spot should go to Blake, since Jordin has had it twice in the last few weeks (including last week) and has NEVER gone first, and Melinda has had it recently as well. But I’ve got a feeling there’s no way they’re going to risk putting the chosen one first, when no one who’s ever gone first during the final 3 has EVER made the finals.

Another interesting pattern to take a look at….Randy’s choice always makes it through (as I’ve mentioned) and the other two judges alternate, with Paula’s choices making the F2 on even years but never winning.

Vintage Idol: So Bad They’re Good

Okay, how about some American Idol nostalgia? These are the performances in past years that were TRASHED by the judges (and probably viewers alike) but I couldn’t help but love! Check’em out:

Clay Aiken – Grease
I still dont see what was SO bad about this.

Constantine – Kiss From A Rose
The performance that made me a fan.

Katharine – You’re Bringin’ Out The Elvis In Me
It was cute, and fun!



Carrie – Love Is A Battlefield
I remember being so happy that she didn’t bore me. But the judges wanted monotony.

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