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5 Celebrities Who’ve Been Robbed

Posted by PZ on July 14th, 2017

They may be celebrities but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the ways of the world – these 5 stars have all been robbed. Some were held up by robbers before they became famous, others had their apartments robbed of their belongs and some were even threatened at gunpoint. Not letting the experience get the […]

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5 Celebrities Who Think Their Pets Are Gay

Posted by PZ on March 25th, 2014

While pets may not be able to throw themselves coming out parties, these 5 celebrities are convinced their pets are gay. Believing their dog has found love or is attracted to animals of the same sex, these stars have noticed their pets’ behavior and think they’re definitely gay. Adrien Brody Adrien once bought two goats […]

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5 Celebrities on Their Struggle to Find Success

Posted by PZ on February 27th, 2014

Not finding fame immediately, these 5 celebrities have all struggled to find success in Hollywood. Going to countless auditions and facing constant rejection, these stars battled against the odds to find success as an actor or actress. Some worked for years before finally getting their big break and know exactly what it’s like to struggle for […]

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5 Actors Speak on Taking Risky Roles

Posted by PZ on July 19th, 2013

Taking on a role that has the potential to shock or change your image can be a huge risk in Hollywood – they’re putting their careers on the line and could lose other work if their risk doesn’t pay off, but sometimes the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. These 5 actors/actresses believe that […]

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17 Actors/Actresses Who Can Play the Piano

Posted by PZ on October 23rd, 2010

Some actors and actresses are multi-talented – some can sing, some can dance, and here is a look at those who can play the piano. Some have learned to play for a role, such as Adrien Brody for his role in the Pianist, while other stars play the piano for fun. Actor and director Clint […]

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Adrien Brody Dating January Jones?

Posted by PZ on June 30th, 2010

Despite Adrien Brody denying that he’s dating Mad Men‘s January Jones, pals of Adrien say that the two are dating, and are quite happy about it! Adrien described January as just a “friend” recently, but an insider says the two have been seeing each other: “Adrien loves talking about January, he says, ‘We’re dating. We’re […]

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Adrien Brody Likes Lady Gaga and Leather Suits

Posted by PZ on May 24th, 2010

Adrien Brody likes Lady Gaga and dressing like P Diddy used to back in his Puff days. Who knew? Well, what to say about this? Adrien clearly just wanted to show off his love for Gaga, but couldn’t find a suit to match the t-shirt – that is, until right at the back of his […]

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