Adrian Wojnarowski reinforce Ime Udoka’s career isn’t over: “This is not going to be a death knell for him…”

There are many verbalizes that related to Ime Udoka’s scandals with a female Celtics’s staffer. One of them is “This is not going to be a death knell for him…” Adrian Wojnarowski says Ime Udoka’s career.

Ime Udoka’s death knell

death knell

Following a huge scandal, Celtics coach Ime Udoka is facing the risk that his coaching career is over. With so much weight surrounding the Boston pressure, it appears only a matter of time before his suspension becomes a full-fledged exit.

While some believe Udoka will not return to the NBA, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski responded by pointing out that he could still be in the running for jobs with other teams and that it will ultimately be up to Boston whether or not he returns.

Udoka’s impressive breakout season last year means he still has a chance of landing a job if the Celtics let him go. Per the Woj, he made a big impression with his breakout season last year.

“That’s something that Brad Stevens, ownership, at some point is going to have to address – about how open-minded they really are to bringing Udoka back as their head coach,” Adrian Wojnarowski said on SC with SVP. “And some of this might be legal protection for the Celtics. You know, not committing to Udoka’s return.”

“The final chapter of Udoka’s coaching career has not been written. This is not going to be a death knell for him,” Wojnarowski assured. “It could be the end in Boston, but this is a coach who made an incredible impression on people – what he did in Boston last season, getting them to the NBA Finals.”

All we know for now is that Udoka was caught drama on his long-term partner with a fellow Celtics employee. We also know that Udoka may have made some unwarranted developments.

However, it appears that the story gets even worse.

Former NBA player Matt Barnes opened up about Udoka’s drama on Instagram Live this week, strongly hinted that his blameless may not be as strong as he wants us to believe.

“I spoke on Ime Udoka’s defense and after finding out the facts I erased what I posted because this situation in Boston is deep, messy and 100 times uglier than any of us thought. Some things happened I can’t condone. It’s not my place to tell you what happened.”

Obviously, there is more to this circumstance that needs to be disclosed. Everything will be revealed in due time, and the truth will be exposed.

Meanwhile, fans and experts will continue to imagine on Udoka’s coaching future and how this entire ordeal will affect him and the Celtics in the future.

About Ime Udoka

Ime Sunday Udoka 9born August 9, 1977) is a Nigerian American professional basketball coach and former player who is the head coach for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA), currently suspended by the team for the 2022–23 season. He represented the Nigeria national team during his playing career.

As player:
2000–2001 Fargo-Moorhead Beez
2001 Independiente
2002–2003 North Charleston Lowgators
2003 Adirondack Wildcats
2003–2004 Charleston Lowgators
2004 Los Angeles Lakers
2004 Charleston Lowgators
2004 Gran Canaria
2005 JA Vichy
2005–2006 Fort Worth Flyers
2006 New York Knicks
2006–2007 Portland Trail Blazers
2007–2009 San Antonio Spurs
2009–2010 Sacramento Kings
2010–2011 San Antonio Spurs
2012 UCAM Murcia
As coach:
2012–2019 San Antonio Spurs (assistant)
2019–2020 Philadelphia 76ers (assistant)
2020–2021 Brooklyn Nets (assistant)
2021–present Boston Celtics