Adopt Me! Summer State Fair Update: Release Date, Time, Activities & More!

Summer State Fair update is bringing carnival fun to Adoption Island, but when can you join the festivities? We’ve got the scoop on the much-anticipated release date and all the exciting details you need to know!

About Adopt Me

Adopt Me! is a massively multiplayer online game on Roblox developed by Uplift Games. Originally conceived as a role-playing game where players could adopt virtual children, the game’s focus has evolved towards adopting and caring for a wide variety of virtual pets. Players can raise their pets, trade them with other players, and build houses for them to live in.

Adopt Me Summer State Fair Update Release Date

The update kicks off at 3 PM UTC on June 14th. To help you plan your playtime, here’s a handy breakdown of the launch times in various time zones:

  • Auckland (NZST) – June 15th, 2024, 4 AM
  • Austin (CDT) – June 14th, 2024, 10 AM
  • Beijing (CST) – June 14th, 2024, 11 PM
  • Berlin (CEST) – June 14th, 2024, 5 PM
  • Cape Town (SAST) – June 14th, 2024, 5 PM
  • Denver (MDT) – June 14th, 2024, 9 AM
  • Dubai (GST) – June 14th, 2024, 7 PM
  • London (BST) – June 14th, 2024, 4 PM
  • Los Angeles (PDT) – June 14th, 2024, 8 AM
  • New York (EDT) – June 14th, 2024, 11 PM
  • Phoenix (MST) – June 14th, 2024, 8 AM
  • Rio De Janeiro (BRT) – June 14th, 2024, 12 PM
  • Sydney (AEST) – June 15th, 2024, 2 AM
  • Tokyo (JST) – June 15th, 2024, 12 AM (Midnight)
Adopt Me Summer State
Image via Uplift Games

What to Expect at the Summer State Fair

The Summer State Fair brings a carnival atmosphere to Adoption Island! Put your skills to the test with exciting mini-games, like bull riding. Earn tickets by winning these games and exchange them for a variety of fun rewards, including:

  • New Items and Vehicles: Spruce up your avatar and ride around in style with exclusive fairground-themed items and vehicles.
  • Adorable New Pets: Welcome new furry (and not-so-furry) friends to your collection! The first week features a regular baby goat, a rare baby cow, and a super special mini pig (available for Robux).

The Summer State Fair is just the beginning! The update promises three more exciting weeks with brand new mini-games, even more amazing rewards, and super special pets to collect. So, mark your calendars, get ready to join the fair, and create some unforgettable summer memories with your pets!