Actress Natasha Richardson Dies in Ski Accident

Posted by Chrissie on March 19th, 2009


It has been confirmed that after a tragic skiing accident earlier this week that Natasha Richardson has died in the hospital from head injuries. Natasha was vacationing in Montreal, Quebec, while her husband Liam Neeson was working in Toronto, Canada on his most recent film ‘Chloe’. While Liam was working on set he heard of his wife’s accident and immediately left the set to go to Montreal.

Reports are that Natasha was having a ski lesson with a ski trainer on one of the bunny slopes at Mont Tremblant. During her lesson she had a little fall, and her instructor immediately called the ski patrol. Right after the accident however Natasha felt fine and refused medical treatment. She was seen walking around, laughing, and enjoying herself even an hour after the accident. Not long after that however she began reporting headaches and a general unwellness and was taken to hospital.

How things transpired at the hospital is still yet unknown, but after she arrived at the hospital in Mont Tremblant, she was immediately transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Sacre Coeur, after which she was flown to a hospital in New York City. While in New York City, family and friends rushed to her side, but tragically, Natasha’s fight did not last and she died in hospital in New York City.

Many people have a lot of questions on this, and an autopsy is being performed on her with results expected this week. Brain trauma is the suspected cause of death as it stands. Medical experts are saying, without further information, best guesses are that nothing could have changed this tragic turn of events, particularly since she was feeling fine shortly after the accident.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to Natasha’s family, and Liam Neeson and the two children they shared together, Micheal who is 13, and Daniel who is 12.


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