9 Jaw-Dropping Fall Hairstyles That Will Revolutionize Your Style

One of the best things that come out of summer ending is all of the awesome fall hairstyles that start popping up! Here are some looks to adopt!

For 2019, the first day of fall is September 23, which is rapidly approaching. As the temperatures drop, this season ushers in some great things. Pumpkin spice lattes, oversized sweaters, beautiful leaves falling off trees…you name it.

One change you may not have thought about is your hairstyle. You usually think of haircuts for the summer, after all.

But just because the weather’s getting colder instead of hotter doesn’t mean you can’t switch up your hair. Here are 9 jaw-dropping fall hairstyles that’ll revolutionize your style.

  1. Fluffed Bob

When you think of fall, you think of coziness. While a regular bob can kind of, sort of, be considered cozy, you can really get it to ooze warmth by fluffing it up a bit.

All you need to do is use a curling iron to gently give the bottom of your bob some volume. It can instantly give you a completely different look than you’re used to.

Pair this hairstyle with an oversized sweater and some boots, and your whole appearance will scream “fall!”

  1. Deep Side Part

This hairstyle is super easy to do and won’t take much of your time at all. This makes it perfect for lazy people and can give you a strong new look.

No matter how you regularly part your hair, take a big chunk of it and sweep it to the side. It may be a bit uncooperative at first, but you can tame it with some patience and lots of hairspray.

What’s great about this hairstyle is it works with practically any length or texture of hair, so you won’t have to make a trip to the stylist for a cut or anything else.

  1. Center Part

Don’t want to go for a dramatic side part? Then try a center part instead!

This simple change to your hairline can be enough to transform your appearance. Make a statement by using a thin comb to part it exactly down the middle. With this center part, you’ll tell everyone that you’re a no-nonsense person.

If you want to make this look less harsh and more on the soft side, try pairing it with crimped waves, which is #5 on this list.

  1. Fancy Buns

Are you used to twisting your hair, coiling it, then wrapping it all up into a neat bun? Well, those days are over.

This fall, aim for something fancier. While it may take more time to do, it’ll give you a chance to explore your creative side. Whether it’s loops, tucks, twists, or knots, you’ll be able to create pieces of artwork that people will admire whenever you’re out.

  1. Top Knot

Too lazy and don’t want to bother with fancy buns? Then the top knot will be your best friend.

Simply throw all your hair up onto your head, lasso it up with a hair tie, and voila! You’re done!

This messy look can go with any fall outfit, whether it’s upscale or laidback. Dress it up by putting a full face of makeup on (complete with red lipstick), or go for a “don’t care what anyone thinks” look by using minimal makeup and wearing sweats.

  1. Crimped Waves

If long hair always seems to fall flat on you, it may be time to give it another try. But this time, try crimping it.

You might be thinking: isn’t crimping so ’80s? It was! But also made a comeback in the late 2000s, and it’s definitely making a comeback this fall.

Bust out your crimping iron and get to work on your locks! It’ll create a retro look that’s perfect for the upcoming fall season.

  1. Curtain Bangs

Straight-across bangs can seem a bit harsh, and maybe you don’t want to go for completely swept to the side bangs.

Enter curtain bangs. These can be a great way to frame your face in a gentle and soft way. This is also an excellent style that goes with practically every length and texture of hair.

Whether you leave your hair down or put it up in a high ponytail, your curtain bangs will give you a great aesthetic for fall when you put on your autumn gear. 

  1. Gentle Highlights

Getting highlights can be an amazing way to get a refreshing change to your hair. While big and bold colors may be great for the summer, you’ll want to go with something more subtle for the fall season.

For example, you can get babylights or honey blonde highlights that complement your brown or blonde hair. It can break up the monotony of your hair color without making a striking statement.

If you want something a little more dashing but not too unnatural, you can try partial pastel highlights. You’ll get a little touch of color at the end of your hair.

  1. Braided Crown

This may be a summer festival look, but it can certainly be for the fall as well! Pin up your hair in a messy braided crown for a regal hairstyle.

Swap your shorts, tank top, and flip flops for an off-shoulder, oversized sweater and leggings. You’ll look just as radiant in this combination.

Try out These Fall Hairstyles

Do any of these fall hairstyles inspire you to make some changes? Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself to your local hair salon!

While it may be daunting to switch up hairstyles, you never know if there’s something better out there if you don’t try it. And if it really looks terrible on you, just keep in mind that it’s just hair and it’ll grow out soon enough.

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