9 Celeb Gross & Dirty Sightings

Posted by PZ on April 28th, 2011

Celebrities don’t always ooze glamour – here are 9 celebrities who were seen by real people looking rather gross and dirty. Taken from Twitter and Facebook, these real spottings show which stars don’t look as good in person, from the usually flawless Vanessa Hudgens to the often grungy looking John Mayer – see what they folks have to say about their star encounter!



1.) “Just saw John Mayer on the street. He is really not my type. Then again, I don’t think I’m his either. #helookslikeadirtyhipster” – emeps

2.) “Just saw Vanessa Hudgens in traffic smoking a cigg. Gross!” – yvettecherkala

3.) “Just saw Ron Jeremy at the airport… #gross” – trav_s

4.) “Well… Just got back from Houston, Texas. Had a good time. I walked past Dennis Rodman twice (literally almost bumped into him), saw President Bush, Nelly, Bill Walton, and a seven-foot-two woman (GROSS!!!). Everything is truly bigger in Texas considering I was probably one of the shortest people there. All in all, good time! Even the Final Four was awesome.” – David John Walano

5.) “Just saw Rhys Ifans in Soho. He caught me staring. I feel dirty.” – fcjbarry

6.) “Christina Aguilera spotted getting Dirty on Backseat.” – sizlr

7.) “Just saw Andy Dick walking down Sunset! He looked like a crazy old homeless person!” – Curtis Lovell II

8.) “Ew… I just saw Rudy Giuliani in person. He smiled and the world felt sinister. #gross” – timduffy

9.) “Spotted: Sean Penn in front of us in security line looking particularly homeless. Guess it’s a good disguise attempt? #laxcelebsighting” – rebamarie

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