7 Movies That Deserve To Be Musicals

Posted by Sarah on November 21st, 2011

Sometimes the only thing that can make an awesome movie even more phenomenal is putting most of the dialogue to music, adding a few hot dance numbers and throwing in a lot of sequins. I mean a lot! That’s right, I’m talking about bringing on the musical version, baby! And that’s just what the teen classic Bring It On! has done. The lyrical interpretation of this snarky cheerleader hit with a heart of gold is heading across the country from stage to shining stage. Here are a few other movies that are just begging for the musical treatment.

The Princess Bride – Honestly, I can’t believe this hasn’t been done already. This tongue-in-cheek fairy tale is screaming (or should I say trilling?) to be made into a musical extravaganza with twirling period dresses, a smooth, giant tenor and awesomely choreographed, singing sword fights.

Star Wars – Enough hard core fans have already posted lame-ass versions all over YouTube, why not join the disturbingly rabid (yet frighteningly genius) devotion to this iconic staple featured repeatedly in Family Guy with the light and magic genius of George Lucas and give these poor people a reason to leave their mom’s basement and catch a show?

Old School – Come on – who doesn’t want to see a live, musical version of “We’re going streaking!” I bet Will himself would be willing to star in that number in selected cities and for a limited time.

Up In the Air – Going back to other times of fiscal frailty in America, the arts have often been an escape; a way to reframe the difficulties of day-to-day life. This flick, with its timely message of layoffs and people vs. profits is perfect for the times – and there could be lots of stewardess dance numbers. Think about it.

Gladiator – They already have plenty of skirts. A musical version of this gritty epic would be nothing short of spectacularly operatic!

Monsters, Inc. – The fur! The colors! The adorably irresistible Boo! This one may seem a little bit like an upgraded Sesame Street production, but I trust in the power of Disney/Pixar to make it rock!

The 40 Year-Old Virgin – Trust me, there’s hardly a better place for a 40 year-old virgin than in a musical. (Not that I think that would help them change their status, I just think they’d feel at home.) This would be the perfect blending of raunch and rhythm. And think of the high notes during the waxing scene – yikes!

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