7 Celebrity Runaway Brides

Posted by PZ on June 16th, 2011

Crystal Harris has become the latest celebrity runaway bride: she broke it off with Playboy’s Hugh Hefner just 5 days before their planned wedding. In honor of their almost-union, here are 7 would-be brides who didn’t quite make it down the aisle, despite being engaged to their other half, they called off their big day and legged it – must not have liked the pre-nup, eh ladies?

Photos: INFdaily.com

Crystal Harris broke it off with Hugh Hefner

Sophie Monk left millionaire Jimmy Esebag

Rose McGowan ditched Robert Rodriguez

Evan Rachel Wood jumped ship on Marilyn Manson

Kelly Rowland called it off with Roy Williams

Jennifer Love Hewitt became a real life Heartbreaker when she left Ross McCall

Ginnifer Goodwin ended her engagement to Joey Kern

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