6 Older Female Celebs Who Still Have Amazing Bikini Bodies!

They may have left their twenties behind them, but these 6 celebrities all have amazing bikini bodies that would make anyone of any age jealous! Showing off toned abs and a flat, trim stomach region, these stars have clearly been looking out for their figures as the years have rolled past, because although they’ve gotten older, there is very little sign of aging. Some even look better than ever before! Ranging in age between 39 (Penelope Cruz) to 49 (Elle Macpherson) these gorgeous celebrities have fabulous and fit bikini bodies worth showing off despite being past their earlier years. Showing that you can continue to look good with a little dedication (or luck!) these celebrities have flaunted their covetable figures on the beach for all to see!

Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz

Elle Macpherson
elle macpherson

Gwyneth Paltrow
gwyneth paltrow

Jennifer Aniston
jennifer aniston

Naomi Campbell
naomi campbell

Penelope Cruz