5 Stars Who’ve Shared Photos of Themselves Wearing Thongs

Clearly hoping to get a little attention for their racy photo, these 5 stars have taken to their twitter or Instagram accounts to post semi-nude images of themselves! Perhaps they wanted to show off their sexy side or just flaunt their great figure. They’ve all thrown on nothing more than a thong (and maybe a pair of shoes!) as they’ve snapped a naughty image of their behinds. Why? Because narcissism is a hungry demon that needs to be fed, probably. Perhaps they just think their shots are artistic and thus don’t fall into the typical ‘trashy’ category, but they sadly might have misjudged. Cheryl Cole at least had a reason for her thong snap – she showed off her ugly rose ass tattoo in a sheer thong so her fans could see the full extent of how badly she’s messed up her stunning body for good! Check em out below.

Abbey Clancy

Cheryl Cole


Nicki Minaj