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5 Stars Who Love Experimenting With Beauty Products

Makeup, hair and beauty are all about being creative and experimenting to create something fresh and original. These 5 celebrities say they enjoy trying out new ideas on themselves whenever they get the chance such as experimenting with bold nail colours to trying out a unique shade of lipstick or giving a new product a trial run to see how it works out. It’s fun to give new things a go and these stars couldn’t agree more, with many saying they’ve been experimenting with beauty products from a very young age. 

  1. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia grew up experimenting with her mother’s lipsticks: ”My earliest beauty memory was watching my mum applying her make-up. As any girl my age would, I’d play around with all of her lipsticks. She had this big chest of drawers with different lipsticks in it. I would watch her do her make-up and I’d experiment with all of the reds.” 

  1. Heidi Klum

Heidi learned to have fun with new beauty products at a young age: “My father worked as the marketing director for 4711, a cosmetics company in Germany, for 20 years. He would always bring home testers of lipsticks, eye shadows and perfumes. I absolutely loved it – I started wearing make-up and experimenting with beauty products way too early.” 

  1. Keira Knightley

Keira likes to experiment with her nails: “During filming I am carefully made-up for weeks, so at the end of every film I love to go out and buy nail polish in the most absurd colours and paint my nails with them. Last time I chose yellow – which I don’t recommend. I looked like I and nicotine-stained fingers. I won’t repeat the yellow experience, but you can count on me to find an even crazier shade next time.” 

  1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe and her sisters used to have fun trying out beauty looks together from an early age: ”We love experimenting with make-up. I think we’re known for always having a glamorous look – a smoky eye, a nude lip. That’s something we got from our mother Kris. We used to play in her beauty drawer as children.” 

  1. Leona Lewis

Leona loves trying out new products and doing her own hair: “I like taking care of my hair, playing with different styles, I also like putting make-up on and beauty products in general. In fact, I find it fun, I think of beauty in general as a bit of a game.”