5 Stars Speak on Being Recognized by Fans in Public

Posted by PZ on November 25th, 2011

Being famous can have some down sides, and being recognized all the time would probably get annoying for anyone who just wants to have lunch out or go shopping to relax. These 5 stars all have mixed opinions and ideas when it comes to being approached or stared at by fans who know they are famous. Adele and her mother have devised a plan to call her ‘Jenny’ while in public to try and confuse fans, while Anna Paquin says she is so used to it, she doesn’t notice it anymore.

Kristen Stewart 

Kristen says she is good with fans who want to talk to her because she is proud of her work: “I’m really not good at it. Some people are great at it. It’s like the other side of the job. I can’t believe I have to do it. It makes it easier because I’m really proud of the movie and I’m a fan of the book as well. It’s weird to see people mainly my age flipping out over Rob walking into the room. He shifts in his seat and they all just go crazy. It’s a little daunting.”


Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton only likes being approached if they have a normal conversation with her: “On public transportation people don’t expect to see me so it’s fine. And if they do come up, like this lovely guy in Pret A Manger yesterday, and say, ‘Oh, I really love that movie you did,’ you are two equals having a conversation. But when it’s, ‘You’re that one off… or, ‘Are you famous?’ I hate that. I become less than nothing.”

Ryan Gosling 

Ryan says that being recognized all the time is like a dream: “It’s like being in a dream, you don’t know anybody, but everybody knows you, everybody reacts to you. You can be walking along in a dream, through a pretty normal world, and then bam, everything seems to be a response to your presence. Everything seems to be driven by you. And that’s notable at first, and you deal with it. And then — and it happens every time — you become aware it’s a dream. Right about then, when you think you have it figured, and that acknowledging that will make it easier, it inevitably becomes a nightmare.”

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin is used to people staring at her because her career took off when she was so young: “I started acting young, so I had a head-start in dealing with the ‘work thing’. It didn’t used to be as crazy as it is now, but I don’t totally remember what it was like before. Being recognised happened much less often when I was younger, but it still happened. I don’t really notice it anymore to be honest. When I am out with friends, they will get kind of protective, and be like, ‘Do you want to move, these people are staring?’ I’m like, ‘Oh no, we’re fine’.”


Adele says isn’t interested in being famous and pretends to be ‘Jenny’ when out with her family to avoid the public: I am pretty oblivious to everything. I’m not very in touch with the fame side of things, it doesn’t interest me at all. My mum even calls me ‘Jenny’ when we’re out in public because if she starts shouting ‘Adele’ in a big department store people are going to look round and it gets awkward.”

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