5 Stars Speak on How Becoming a Mother Changed Them

Posted by PZ on March 23rd, 2012

Becoming a mom is a life changing experience, and these 5 stars have all revealed what kind of changes being a mother has brought for them. Most say that having a family means you tend to put other things on the back burner and care the most about your children and what they need. Others feel that having a child can be frightening, yet greatly rewarding and life enhancing, while some of these stars have had a shift in attitude towards what is most important in life in general.


Christina Applegate

Christina feels like nothing else matters except for her daughter now that she’s a mom: “It’s a really hard thing to do because you miss them. But I’m doing well. Parenthood just changed me in the sense that nothing really matters but [Sadie]. None of it really matters. The importance I placed on things prior to this moment, they don’t matter anymore. All that matters is I get to go in there in the morning and see her face. She smiles at me and my life is better.”

Sandra Bullock

Sandra, who adopted a baby son named Louis, says that being a mom enhances everything, even fear: “I’ve played moms before. I’ve always been very maternal. I’ve always loved being around kids. I’m sure Louis influenced me in ways I don’t even know how. Everything becomes richer or more important or more frightening or more challenging. Everything becomes far more emotional, which I’m grateful for.”

Kate Hudson

Kate believes that once you have kids, you go through a huge change and prioritize your new family: “I think, when you have kids, this shift happens where, all of a sudden, your life and your priority becomes your children, first and foremost. If you do enter a relationship, you have to balance out the relationship and all the other things in your life, but your real focus is your children. So, having kids obviously shifts the focus of what it is to love and be in a relationship.”

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer cares greatly about her children and their safety now that she’s a mom: “Becoming a mother has made all the difference in terms of learning to take responsibility for myself and my life. Parenthood changed the way I do everything. The biggest thing for me is wanting my kids to grow up safely and have happy lives. For me, that’s enough.”

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia says motherhood has helped her to stop worrying about things, while she works with her husband like a team now: “I come from a big family, and I always wanted to have kids of my own. Before I met Matthew, I worked non-stop. But once we got together, suddenly a whole new world seemed to open up. And when I had my first child, my priorities became completely different. Motherhood made me feel, ‘This is what I’m all about.’ You stop worrying. Matthew and I are a team, we make all our decisions together, whether it’s about the children or the house. We’re not divided in any sense.”

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