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5 Stars Comment on Taking Their Makeup Off at Night

Taking your makeup off at night is a beauty must – but not every celebrity does it surprisingly! These 5 stars have commented on the topic, some saying they religiously make sure to take off their makeup and are very strict about it being a part of their beauty routine, while others have confessed that they don’t often get around to it and fall asleep with lots of makeup still on, breaking one of beauty’s biggest rules! Here are their thoughts on scrubbing off their makeup just before bed. 

  1. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl makes sure to remove all of her makeup and doesn’t feel right if she doesn’t take it all off: “I always take off my make-up at night. Going to bed with dirty skin is like not brushing your teeth.” 

  1. Christina Aguilera

Christina says one of her biggest beauty tips is removing her makeup at night: “Stay hydrated, moisturise and get enough sleep. I never go to sleep with makeup on and always moisturise my face and lips. I also try to condition my hair as much as possible.”