5 Star Tips for Dealing With Oily Skin

Posted by admin on July 10th, 2017

Oily skin can be complicated to look after – it needs care and it can be hard to find a balance that suits it. These 5 stars know what it’s like to struggle with difficult oily skin and have offered their top tips for dealing with it, suggesting the products they’ve found work well with their skin or any secrets they’ve picked up. Here are their suggestions for finding that key balance that makes oily skin look beautiful, glowing and fresh.


  1. Ali Fedotowsky

5 Star Tips for Dealing With Oily Skin_1

Ali avoids any oily products that add further to her oily complexion: “For me, it’s really about not putting products on my face that are oily – my problem is that I have oily skin. I avoid products that will create shine on my skin – so I use a good powder or a powder-based foundation. I don’t use liquid because it makes me look oily and shiny.”

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