5 of Jamie Chung’s Best Makeup & Beauty Tips

Posted by admin on September 21st, 2017


  1. She Loves Oil Cleansers

She thinks oil cleansers work best: “In terms of eye makeup remover, I feel like oil is the best way to go unless you have mink eyelashes, so I use Lancome Bi-Facil. it’s the best. Foaming cleansers dry out my skin, so I’ve been using oil cleansers from DHC and Shiseido. I know people are scared of oils, but it’s actually really great for your skin—well, great for my skin!”


  1. She Splurges on Quality Creams

Jamie isn’t afraid to buy expensive but great creams: “Clinique Just For Eyes the cream as well as Clinique moisturizer and Shiseido moisturizer. I always put on an SPF, that is very important. For my body I use SPF 70, I want to tan but I don’t want to get wrinkles.”

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