5 CrayCray Looks by Nicki Minaj

Posted by Rebecca on April 6th, 2011

Listen, Nicki.  I know your lyrics are ill. I know your rhymes are sick. I know your beats are fast. But does your wardrobe always have to resemble something out of a Tim Burton movie?  I mean, are those weird sparkly appendages and wigs really even comfortable? I feel like I’ll catch some carcinogen if I stand too close, but that’s just me.  Here are five “ensembles,” (and I use the term ensemble very, very loosely) that make me feel like I’m on acid.

1. The Green Goblin

Are we sure she isn’t supposed to be one of those superheroes on Hollywood boulevard? Because man,  that hair looks like it could be on the set of The Green Goblin, or in my courtyard where I have all those fancy bushes shaped like animals.  Yeah, because I’m classy like that.


2. Crazypants

…without pants.  I feel like I saw that dress at Dress Barn, the coat at Burlington Coat Factory (It may be local, so if you don’t get the reference you’re either stupid or not in with middle America) and the hair came from WILLY WONKA’S SECRET STASH OF WIGS! Oh joy! I think I just found a golden ticket, but I lost my dignity.


3.  Crazypants 2

I think I just had a brain freeze. Fart. Hemorrhage. I feel like I’m in ancient egypt, but in a cartoon or in my head, and this weird crazy rapper lady is playing the part of a Cleopatra, but also a bug. Also, stars. And, pipecleaners.  MOONBEAMS!


4.  Hot Topic

This is what that rich girl who wanted to lash out at her parents wore. She wanted to “be her own person” which meant lots of mismatched articles from Hot Topic, bought with her parent’s credit card. Take that mom and dad- not only do you stunt my individuality, but…can you also give me a ride to the mall? Please?


5. Supershtetl

If Yenta were a gay man, liked pleather and was trapped inside the body of a small black woman, she would look something like this.


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All photos from INFdaily.com

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