5 Celebrities Who Aren’t Worried About Ageing

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These 5 celebrities believe wrinkles are just a sign of a life that has been lived well, that age means knowledge and that time betters a person and makes them more well rounded. They aren’t afraid of getting older, they don’t fear the aging process, and they believe that it is actually an exciting and happy experience. As they get older they feel as though they have learned so much about themselves and they feel as their life progresses, they do too.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio likes to age naturally, comforted by the thought that he looks exactly what he is supposed to look like: “I prefer to let life take me wherever it’s going to take me. Wrinkles are welcome, because they mean I have lived a life. If I looked in the mirror and saw somebody I was not supposed to be, then I would freak out.”

Sheryl Crow


Sheryl believes you are the age you feel: “Age is such an indefinable experience. I look at my grandmother when she was my age – she had boobs down to her waist and looked like an old lady. At 65, my mom is as fun, cool and beautiful as ever. I think it’s just a state of mind.”

Justin Timberlake

Justin likes getting older because his life progresses and he feels he gets better as a person: “In my younger days, I looked ridiculous, I’ve tried to forget the way I looked! Seriously, I like myself more now than I ever have. I think it’s because you just get to a point where age becomes attractive to you in a way. When you accept the inevitability that you are ageing, that you are getting older, I think it becomes a thing you settle into. I have no desire to be young again. I’m still young. I still feel very young and I’ll always feel very young, but I’m excited to progress.”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie loves the idea of being older because she believes you learn so much as you go through life:  “I want to be older. I actually think there’s an incredible amount of self-knowledge that comes with getting older. I feel way better now than I did when I was 20. I’m stronger, I’m smarter in every way, I’m so much less crazy than I was then… Getting older means paring yourself down to an essential version of yourself.”

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz believes aging makes people better, while you learn so much along the way – she feels she has done a lot of growing:  “I think you get better as you age. You know what you want, and you become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. But also, things have happened recently that have pushed me to grow. My father died, and having gone through that really made me think about my life and how I want to live it.”