5 Celebrities Who’ve Been Protested Against

Being in the public eye, Selena Gomez faces plenty of criticism for everything from her music to her clothes to her relationships. She doesn’t let the negativity affect her though, as evidenced by her reaction to protestors handing out flyers targeting her at a recent fashion show.

Gomez attended a fashion show for Adidas’ NEO brand in New York City a few days ago. The 20-year-old is currently serving as an ambassador for the brand. Selena was sitting in her seat watching the show when some uninvited guests caught her off guard. A young woman wearing a hoodie and an accomplice approached Gomez and several other attendees to hand them flyers that read, “Selena Gomez: Be an ambassador for children, not for sweatshops.”


The protestors were claiming that Adidas is using overseas sweatshops with horrible labor practices to manufacture their products. The activists handing out the flyers believe Gomez should stop endorsing the brand because of the accusations. They were quickly escorted off the premises by security guards.

According to observers at the show, Gomez was shocked by the protestors and their flyers, but she quickly regained her composure in order to fulfill her role as brand ambassador. Her statement after the show was focused on the clothes rather than the unexpected disruptive event. Wearing black pants, a pink sweatshirt, and Adidas sneakers, she thanked all the attendees for coming and stated, “I’m so excited to be a part of this and so excited to see what you guys did with it, you did an amazing job!”

Selena Gomez may have taken some tips from her fellow stars about how to handle the situation as she isn’t the first celebrity to face protestors. Check out the 4 stars below who’ve also been the subjects of protests.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian flew to Bahrain in December 2012 in order to promote the franchise Millions of Milkshakes, but not all the locals were welcoming. The reality star was reportedly met with a group of Shiite Muslim protestors holding anti-Kim signs when she arrived in the country.


Chris Brown

Chris Brown was forced to cancel a concert in Guyana in November 2012 after protests broke out in the country. Locals were up in arms over Brown’s 2009 assault against Rihanna. Women’s rights groups and several lawmakers said the star wasn’t welcome in the country, so he pulled out of the performance due to discomfort with the protestors.



Donald Trump

Almost 700,000 people signed a petition started in November 2012 that asked Macy’s to sever all ties with Donald Trump, who sells a fragrance and a line of suits through the department store. The “Dump Trump” petition protested Trump’s “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior,” which includes engaging in sexist behavior, manufacturing his clothing line in China, denying climate chance, and accusing President Obama of lying about his birthplace.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga faced protests in the Philippines in May 2012. Local Christian youths demanded that she cancel her concert because of her skimpy costumes and sexual lyrics. She was also denied the right to perform in Indonesia after protestors claimed she would corrupt the youth.



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