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5 Celebrities Who’ve Had Sleepwalking Experiences

Octavia Spencer

Octavia sleepwalks so much that she has a name for the person she becomes – Oriet – and says she is very different to her usual self: “Oriet is all business. You do not want to engage… I’ve been told that Oriet is not very nice… If they’re (guests) gonna stay for longer than a couple of days, I’ll say, ‘Just be forewarned’.”

Valentina Hayek Pinault

Salma says her young daughter Valentina suffers from night terrors and often sleepwalks: “She talks, she screams, she sings, she claps, she sleepwalks, she screams for Barney, she fights with someone. When you have a child that sleepwalks, it’s really scary. All night I’m waking up and she’s having a blast there, she’s having a party… I’m her bodyguard at night.”