5 Celebrities Who Struggle With Relationships

Posted by PZ on August 23rd, 2017

Struggling with maintaining or even finding a steady relationship, these 5 stars have all revealed that they find the whole process quite hard. Some are just too dedicated to their work to have enough time to give to someone else, or they move around too frequently to make it work in one place. Others have other issues with relationships and fall hard for people or just don’t know how to behave as a healthy couple.


Ashley Greene


Ashley is often too busy for relationships: “I’m always here and there – everyone in my industry is – and that’s why a lot of relationships are fleeting. I’ve gotten very good at detaching whenever I have to go away for three months, which I realise is hard on friends and kind of selfish… You go on a couple of dates, and then someone ships off to do a movie. It’s not like you’re going to fly out and see them, because it’s not serious enough for that.”

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