5 Celebrities Speak on Their Sex Symbol Status

Posted by PZ on April 4th, 2012

How much fun is it to be a sex symbol – to be the object of desire for millions? These 5 stars have all spoken on how they feel about being a sex symbol. Some say they really don’t feel like one, or don’t live up to all the sexy hype, while others go as far as to say they don’t believe they are one, or find the idea unpleasant. Is it really so bad to be looked at and appreciated for your good looks? According to some (namely Johnny Depp), yes it is!


Colin Firth

Colin’s wife isn’t fond of his sex symbol status: “I think she finds the whole sex symbol thing rather amusing. She knows me as the man who doesn’t pick up his socks, can be unshaven and all of that. But without question, ‘Pride & Prejudice was a high point for me. I am still surprised that I got the role of Mr. Darcy as I was 35 when we made it. When it was shown in England, I was in Italy, having just met the woman who would become my wife. Her family was very surprised this repressed Jane Austen character would be considered sexy.”

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett doesn’t think of herself that way, and believes the title won’t last: ”I don’t know, I don’t think of myself that way. It’s alright for now. I’m convinced that obviously in a couple of years’ time it will be somebody else. I won’t be as interesting that way.”

Paris Hilton

Paris says she doesn’t live up to her status:  “Guys see me as this public sex symbol, and then moan when I’m not at all sexual at home. To be honest, I’d rather just sit and watch LOST or stuff my face. Someone told me you start liking sex when you hit 30 – but we’ll see.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp finds the thought of it unpleasant: “The idea of attention for your work is nice but I never quite understood any of the other bits, where somehow you’ve been voted something for a magazine. It’s a complete mystery to me. I wake up and I have to look at my head when I brush my teeth every morning and it’s weird and it’s unpleasant at times.”

Jack Nicholson


Jack says he simply doesn’t believe that stuff: “It’s very hard to think of yourself in those terms. I see myself in the mirror every morning, and I’m looking the devil right in the face. I don’t relate to what’s said about me – how famous I’m supposed to be, how much of a sex symbol I’m supposed to be – and I don’t think I could function, really, if I started to believe that stuff.”

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