5 Celebrities Share Their Tips & Secrets for Beautiful False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are notoriously awkward to apply, but with some practice and the right products, it can create a dramatic and beautiful eye look. These 5 stars all love false eyelashes and have shared their tips and secrets for getting the look just right. Some believe it’s simply a case of practice makes perfect when it comes to the application process. Others think it’s all about teaming the lashes with the right makeup or just love how a few individual false lashes can make a big difference to their final makeup look. 

  1. Eva Longoria

Eva pairs her false lashes with a smoky eye and simple lip: “My signature red carpet look is a smoky eye with lashes and a nude lip. I always wear false eyelashes on the red carpet – that’s been my beauty look since my pageant days.”

  1. Katy Perry

Katy thinks false lashes add an element of glamour to even a casual look: “My lashes are one of my top beauty secrets. Not all of us are blessed with really super-long and full, natural lashes, so false lashes can be our secret weapon to get a fresh new look. They can make your day look a little more bright and bring out the glamour in the night.” 

  1. Lucy Hale

Lucy has learnt to apply her own by practicing all of the time on set: “People are always like, ‘Wow, you have great eyelashes!’ and I’m like, ‘They’re not mine!’ With ‘Pretty Little Liars’ it’s always glam 24/7, and so we’re always wearing fake eyelashes. I know how to apply [them] perfectly!”

  1. Sam Faiers

Sam has her own false eyelash range and has developed a nourishing glue: “I’ve never been able to use eyelash glue because I have no eyelashes after pulling them all out. So the glue would go straight into the follicles and rip my skin. My eyelash range uses latex glue, full of vitamins so they’re kind to eyes.” 

  1. Sienna Miller

Sienna thinks individual false lashes give a more natural look: “I once made the mistake of going for a whole row of false eyelashes, which was just wrong as it gave me a sad, puppy-eyed look. But a couple of individual lashes in the middle of the lashline can look amazing and really open up your eyes.”