5 Celebrities Share Their Painful Hair Removal Stories

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Hair removal, especially when tried out at home, can go badly wrong and has the potential to be incredibly painful, while even professional waxing or laser treatments can still sting relentlessly! These 5 celebrities have all offered up their painful hair removal stories, explaining how they were left in complete agony while simply trying to groom. Some had an accident and did the treatment all wrong, while others just weren’t prepared for the pain they were about to encounter – all for the love of beauty!


  1. Alyssa Milano

Alyssa tried laser hair removal and thought it was just agony: “I’d rather get my whole body tattooed daily than do the laser… I’ve had two sessions, and I can honestly say that it’s the most painful experience ever.” 

  1. Charli XCX

Charli had some bad hair removal experiences when she was young: ”I’ve never plucked my eyebrows. My mother never taught me anything. The first time I shaved my legs I pressed the razor in so hard that I started bleeding, and the first time I did a home wax on my bikini line, it was a nightmare. I had no idea what I was doing.”


  1. Eva Longoria

Eva wanted to stop half way through a Brazilian wax because the pain was so bad: “Believe me, the first time I did it, the technician did half, and I was like ‘Stop!’ She said, ‘Sit down, I have to finish’ But then it gets easier. The more you do it, the less hair grows back. But yeah, I love it. I swear by it “Every woman should try a Brazilian wax once.” 

  1. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly reveals that her mother Sharon once used her to try an upper lip hair removal kit: “I was the crash test dummy. The wax was so hot that it burned me. By the time she pulled the wax off, my skin went with it and I had to go to school with a scab mustache.”


  1. Sandra Bullock


Sandra attempted to shape her hair and it turned out to be very painful: “I decided for Valentine’s Day I would do a special hair thing. I wanted to try to create a pink heart shape with my lower hair. It was painful. You had to bleach it first. There’s something about bleach that feels like acid. Then I had to shave it. I was in so much pain, but I kept going and put the pink dye on and it went the wrong colour.”