5 Celebrities Who Like to Experiment With Fashion

These 5 fashionable celebrities all like to experiment with their style on a regular basis. Some of these celebs don’t even use a stylist, instead opting to experiment with their own tastes and selecting red carpet looks based on what they’re drawn to. Some really enjoy taking risks and trying to be brave with their style, even though they know not everyone is going to like the end results – they stand out because they aren’t afraid to show their unique personality through how they dress and this is exactly why they’ve become known as style icons!


Diane Kruger

Diane likes to challenge herself to be brave on the red carpet and pick things others wouldn’t wear: “I don’t have my own stylist. And I like to be a little different – in LA, everyone wears the same dresses. I think my background as a model helps, because I like experimenting and I’m not afraid of fashion or what other people think of me. Sure, I’ve worn dresses people didn’t like, but I enjoy the expression of clothes. What you wear is one of the only things about yourself you can manipulate.”

Zoe Saldana

Zoe has always changed her style depending on her mood and has tried to follow her mother’s style advice: “In high school I was a little bit of everything. Sometimes I would want to dress like a cheerleader or like a mean girl or the Sci-Fi geek that I usually was. It all depended on my mood, but I always knew that I loved fashion. My mum is from the Caribbean so her advice has always been incorporate colour in your wardrobe. I always end up dressing in black and white – the New York state of mind. But I really do try to listen to my mom’s advice.”

Whitney Port

Whitney likes to keep an open mind when she’s picking clothes and isn’t afraid to change things up: “I feel like I’m open to all kinds of silhouettes. As long as it’s flattering on the body it doesn’t matter if it’s really out there. I can be a risk taker when it comes to fashion and I don’t really care if people accept my style. I’m trying to be very experimental with my hair. I’m over my colour really quickly so I change it every two weeks. Recently I got it really blonde but then I thought, ‘I feel so LA’, so now I’ve gone for a strawberry blonde shade instead.”


Rihanna likes her fashion choices to be risky and daring: “When I cut my hair, the whole sound changed, my style changed. Fashion has become more about taking a risk. When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work.”

Pixie Lott

Pixie likes to mix different styles together to create something unique: “I find some really cool, unique stuff in vintage shops. The good thing about vintage if that it doesn’t quite fit you can customise it, like, make it shorter. The shorter the better! And I’ve been wearing a lot of socks and stockings. It’s a bit school-girlie, which I like. I love chains and headbands, so I put lots of accessories with every outfit. And I like to mix designer pieces, high street and vintage.”