5 Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling

These 5 celebrities have all openly gushed about gambling: some get a thrill from taking their chances, while others just love to win big and feel the rush as they pile up their winnings for more future bets! Some have happy memories playing poker, such as Cate Blanchett, who definitely had a run in with Lady Luck  – she met her husband during a poker game and wed him just 8 weeks later. Others simply like to kick back with their favorite drink and some close friends and gamble for fun, while some claim that they’re so into it they’re borderline professional, such as Jay-Z, who likes to visit exclusive private clubs to gamble his megabucks. Below is a look at 5 stars who all say they enjoy gambling – be it a game of poker or placing a bet on their favorite to win, they love the thrill.

Ben Affleck

Ben likes to keep his gambling habit casual by enjoying a relaxing game of poker with his friends, while he is also rumored to enjoy taking his fun online by using gambling websites similar to partycasino.com from time to time: “I do like to play poker, I play with friends. I don’t play with gigantic amounts of money so it doesn’t impact on my life.”

Tilda Swinton

Tilda once won big on a race and feels that she regularly gets lucky when it comes to taking the risk: “One of the few things I’m prepared to boast about is that I actually once kept us on my winnings after a race.It wasn’t that much, because we were living very cheaply. But it was enough to live on for a year. I once tried to work with a professional gambler on how to actually win more money, because when you look at my statistics I should have made much more money. And it was that I could just never put enough on. But I feel I’m doing it with films. Again, the reward is not the money. It’s the going, ‘Yes!'”


Jay-Z enjoys hitting up London for some gambling fun because they have cool private clubs: “I’m a pretty big, almost professional, gambler. I’m not gonna say any names because that’ll mess it all up, but there’re these little private clubs you can go to in the West End where you can hang out and gamble, and it’s pretty cool.”

Christina Ricci

Christina enjoys placing a bet every now and then because it’s fun to see if she wins or loses:”I’ve learned to love gambling. I was in Australia for a few months and gambling is like a national pastime there, so I learned to love betting on horses, and now I even put in a few football bets and I’m kind of obsessed and into it. Gambling is pretty good. I have no strategy (with horses) and I never pick winners. But it’s still fun.”

Cate Blanchett

Cate loves playing poker because it reminds her of a very romantic moment:”He thought I was aloof and I thought him arrogant. But then we played poker one night with friends and we kissed. When he kissed me that was that. It just shows how wrong you can be.”The couple got married eight weeks later:”If you think about these things too long, you never get round to it. People are terrified about being wrong, but you have to have faith.”