5 Celebrities Who Are Bisexual

Posted by Rebecca on August 26th, 2011

Kinsey said we are all bisexual. Yeah, I know, it may be true, but my boyfriend probably doesn’t want to hear that (or does he?). Here’s a list of celebrities who openly admit to being bisexual. Now- they may not wholly live their lives that way, but they say they are, so I’m apt to believe them.

Photos: INFdaily.com

Jenna Jameson

Has purportedly slept with 100 women and 30 men, which seems like a gross understatement for her illustrious career choice. Either way, that definitely makes her bi, skewing to the GAY.

  Tila Tequila 

Remember A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila? Yeah, me neither. Anyhow, the show’s big twist was not that everyone on it was trashy, but that she was bi. Yawn.

 Anna Paquin 

Anna Paquin came out as bi for the True Colors Fund, a campaign that seeks equal rights for gay, straight, bisexual and transgendered people. I guess that’s cool- but I want to know how much she got paid to do the spot.

Megan Mullally 

She was one of the first actresses to come out as bisexual in 1999, though she admitted she hadn’t been in a full-on gay relationship or explored it fully. I’d totally go gay for her, she’s HILARIOUS.

Margaret Cho

Though she’s thought to be bi, she thinks herself trisexual, because she’s more connected or attracted to people who are transgendered. She thinks bisexual is too limiting! Nice one upsmanship, lady. But, we salute you.

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