5 Actresses Who Fear Nude Scenes

Posted by PZ on May 9th, 2012

Kate Winslet


Kate finds nude scenes scary and each time she does one she vows not to do anymore: “You’re beside yourself with terror, not least because it’s like someone turning around to you in a restaurant and saying, ‘I dare you to put some tap shoes on and dance naked on the table.’ You’d rather do anything than do that. Every time (I do a nude scene) I say to myself, ‘Why am I doing this again? I’ve had two children. I don’t have the belly for this!'”

Jessica Biel


Jessica hasn’t decided if she’ll ever do a nude scene because she wouldn’t want it all over the internet: “I haven’t decided exactly about the nudity. It’s a tough one. I am considering it but it’s a very scary thing to do. It definitely feels vulnerable to be naked in front of anybody let alone a film crew. And it’s scary because of the internet – you don’t know where it’s going to end up. It’s a moment that could be exploited.”

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