43 Celebrity Tattoos

Posted by Angela on April 20th, 2010

Body art is one of the hottest commodities these days.  It seems that tattoo artists are nowadays using their tattoo machines (also known as “irons“) on almost everyone, including celebrities.  Tattoos in particular are a huge trend among Hollywood stars.  Some are known for their many tattoos, but you might be surprised to learn about others. Aside from the obvious like Jesse James, Slash, or Lil Wayne, here are 43 celebrities with tattoos.

Scarlett Johansson

Taye Diggs

Ben Affleck

David Beckham

Jessica Alba

Johnny Depp

Cheryl Cole

John Mayer

Colin Farrell

Britney Spears

Angelina Jolie

Megan Fox

Robert Downey, Jr.

Tim McGraw

Lady Gaga

Drew Barrymore

Jessica Biel

Brad Pitt

Adam Lambert


Ben Harper

Charlize Theron

Sienna Miller

Sarah Michelle Gellar

David Henrie

Justin Timberlake

Victoria Beckham

Ed Westwick

Christina Aguilera

Brody Jenner

Amy Winehouse

Lenny Kravitz

Rose McGowan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Chris Brown

Alessandra Ambrosio

Lindsay Lohan

Christina Ricci

Alyssa Milano

Christina Applegate


Kelly Osbourne

Tila Tequila

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