4 Observations From Survivor Episode 8

Posted by Angela on November 5th, 2010

Source: CBS

The two tribes have just merged to form a new tribe, Libertad. Spoilers after the jump, obviously!

1. Dirty squirrel is my new favorite word.
Benry calls Alina a “100 percent Grade-A dirt squirrel” when he votes for her to get out. What? I’m left completely confused but then I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. Interesting… I don’t agree, but if anyone on this show were to use this term, I’m not surprised that it’s Benry, the former “Girls Gone Wild” cameraman.

2. Jane is a badass. And a target.
Jane wins the women’s immunity pretty quickly, but then she wants to keep holding on and beat the guys. She ends up beating all of them right at the end, but maybe because Fabio just drops the bar immediately after he wins immunity. Pretty badass, but really not a good decision. Everyone already knows she’s strong in challenges, so she needs to figure out when to back down. Especially when Marty’s been practically leading a campaign against her.

3. Sash is running the show right now.
Every single other tribe member seems ready to see Marty go but Sash says no so it’s a no-go. Very telling that the other tribe members are willing to keep Marty around because Sash wants to, especially Brenda. It’s so obvious to me as a viewer that Sash is just trying to keep Marty around for a final jury vote, but why would Brenda and co. just let him have that final jury vote? Vote Marty out now and it’s a jury vote that Sash has lost. Still, Sash is clearly running the show in Nicaragua right now. I think he has a good chance at final tribal, but not at winning. It seems like he’s already burned too many bridges for that.

4. Dan is still on the show.
I keep forgetting about him! Poor guy can barely walk and yet, he may just manage to slide right into the final three with his “under the radar” strategy. Actually, same goes for Purple Kelly.

What did you think of this week’s Survivor episode?

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