3 Celebrities, Including Whitney Houston, Caught With Prescription Drugs

Posted by Katie F. on February 14th, 2012

While reports stated that Whitney Houston’s official cause of death won’t be revealed until the toxicology tests are done in a few weeks, there is speculation that a fatal combination of drugs and alcohol led to the death of the singer. Sources close to Houston’s family insist the Los Angeles County Coroner told them this, not drowning, was likely the cause of her death. Other sources believe she suffered a heart attack as a reaction to some of her medication. Aside from the speculation, one thing authorities have officially revealed is that there were several bottles of prescriptions drugs found in Whitney’s room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, including Xanax, Midol, ibuprofen, and amoxicillin. Whitney Houston has a long history with drug addiction, which is also fueling the rumors that drugs had something to do with her death. Stories of her drug abuse began surfacing in the early 1990s after she married Bobby Brown. She was first caught with marijuana in 2000 and admitted in 2002 to abusing marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and prescription drugs. She checked into rehab several times over the years but could never seem to overcome her addictions.

Whitney Houston was in possession of several different prescription drugs right before she died, which unfortunately may have been the cause of her tragic death at just 48 years old. Several other Hollywood stars have struggled with drug addiction in the past as well. Here are a few celebrities that have also been caught with prescription drugs.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase was addicted to prescription drugs for years. He began taking painkillers for pain caused by “long-term back problems” and couldn’t stop taking the pills. He checked himself into rehab at the Betty Ford center in 1986 to get help. In 1994, Chase’s driver from the film Man of the House tried to sue Chevy for making him drive into the United States from where the movie was being filmed in Canada to pick up packages. The driver was stopped and searched at the border and discovered that he was unknowingly carrying prescription painkillers across the border for Chase. It seems like Chevy was trying to start his own Canada drug pharmacy.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler began using drugs in high school and his addiction only got worse as he got older. He and Aerosmith band mate Joe Perry were even known as the Toxic Twins in the 1970s for using so many drugs. By the late 1980s, Perry was completely out of control and checked into rehab. After several years of sobriety, the rock star fell back into the same old patterns and began using prescription drugs. He was initially prescriber painkillers for numerous injuries, but he couldn’t stop taking them once he started. He checked into rehab again in 2009 to finally overcome his drug addiction.

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